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By TechnoLawyer | Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers a cloud practice management app with desktop-class features and per-case rather than per-user pricing (see article below). In addition, you'll find links to the previous 11 TL NewsWire features, including our coverage of a practice management system that automatically captures email correspondence, integrates with Outlook, and offers a secure client portal, cloud litigation management software that enables you and your team to analyze the key documents, testimony, and witnesses in your cases, and much more. Don't miss the next issue.

Legacy desktop practice management software requires a significant upfront investment, which can contribute to cash flow problems at a new law firm. Cloud practice management software alleviates this pressure somewhat but most products cost just as much the first month as they do a year later. Ideally, the cost of practice management software should align with your firm's growth. … in One Sentence is a cloud practice management system with desktop-class customization and a unique per-case pricing model designed to reduce costs.

The Killer Feature is free for up to 10 active cases. Once your firm uses to manage 11 or more cases, it costs 99 cents per case per month. This all-inclusive price includes unlimited users, storage, and technical support. Even better, offers discounted pre-paid plans.

Most competing products charge about $50 per user per month.'s per case model and discounted packages makes it less expensive by comparison. For example, a high-volume immigration firm with 5 lawyers, 10 paralegals, and 300 active cases would spend about $750 per month for a per-user product versus $197 per month for A low volume firm staffed the same but with only 50 active cases would spend the same $750 per month for a per-user product versus only $35 per month for

Other Notable Features greets you with the Firm Feed when you login, a tickler that provides an overview of upcoming deadlines and activity in your cases. Similar, more focused feeds exist in each of's major areas — Billing, Calendar, Cases, Contacts, Files, and Tasks.

CEO Bahar Ansari describes as "second generation cloud practice management." During my demo, she takes care to point out's desktop-class features. Remember the PBX integrations of yore? integrates with VoIP telephone systems so that you can click to call and automatically bill the time. Acknowledging the financial controls many firms have, enables you to create a billing approval process. The billing system supports billing codes, client-specific rates, contingency and flat fees, expenses, and origination credit. You can customize your bills, deliver them via email or PDF, accept credit cards via LawPay, and automatically record bills in QuickBooks. helps automate work product too. Practice Area Libraries save you time by adding data fields, templates, and workflows you're likely to need. You can add your own custom fields, and create your own workflows, which consist of groups of related tasks such as for client intake. Assign tasks within a workflow to members of your team, and create dependencies so that completion of a task automatically triggers and assigns the next task in the sequence. Built-in document assembly automates the creation of documents required by a task.

In addition to its desktop-class functionality, also takes advantage of its modern underpinnings. A client portal facilitates secure collaboration and communication with clients. When recognizes a common activity, it can prefill much of your time entry and even offer a suggested time based on historical data. Dropbox integration makes all your documents available, and Office 365 and G Suite integration syncs your calendar, contacts, and tasks across all devices.

What Else Should You Know?

Reports in provide in-depth analysis of your firm, including productivity. Administrator tools enable you to create roles and control access rights. or one of its authorized consultants can help you with data migration and customization if needed. Learn more about

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