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DocReviewPad: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Thursday, July 9, 2015

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers an iPad app for reviewing and producing discovery documents (see article below), a virtual private network service, an app for finding someone to make a court appearance on your behalf, and a business intelligence add-on for LexisNexis InterAction. Don't miss the next issue.


Many PDF apps offer Bates stamping but stop there in terms of litigation support. Litigators who want more tools for reviewing and producing documents face the prospect of software that requires a subscription or a charge based on the size of the dataset. An opportunity exists between these two options that a company specializing in iPad apps seeks to address.

DocReviewPad … in One Sentence

Launched earlier this week, Lit Software's DocReviewPad 1.0 is an iPad app for reviewing and producing discovery documents.

The Killer Feature

DocReviewPad costs just $89.99 in the App Store. You need not worry about an ongoing subscription or any in-app purchases. Once you load all the documents you need for a matter, DocReviewPad works offline such as on an airplane or in a location that would otherwise require paying roaming charges.

"We created DocReviewPad because so many lawyers were trying to use TrialPad for document review," Lit Software Founder and CEO Ian O'Flaherty tells us. "It was time for a high quality, purpose-built, mobile document review tool. DocReviewPad puts enormous power in the hands of lawyers and legal professionals, increasing their productivity and saving firms and their clients thousands of dollars."

Other Notable Features

DocReviewPad offers the same overall user experience and interface as Lit Software's TrialPad and TranscriptPad apps to flatten the learning curve. You organize matters in folders that you can color and sort.

You import documents directly from your Mac or PC, cloud services Box, Dropbox, or Citrix ShareFile, a WebDAV file server, or from a Transporter. DocReviewPad supports PDF and TIFF for documents, JPEG and PNG for photos, and TXT for deposition and trial transcripts.

You can apply Bates numbers during the import process or anytime thereafter. The settings for Bates numbers include a prefix, the starting number, a separator, three sizes, three border options, and eight page locations. A live preview enables you to assess your settings before you finalize them.

You can search across an entire matter or limit searches to a specific folder or document. The document review interface resembles email with documents listed on the left side and the selected document to the right. For each document in the list, you can view at a glance the number of pages, whether it's searchable, and the Bates number range. You can sort documents by name, Bates number, review status, or a custom parameter.

DocReviewPad offers various swipe gestures and controls for navigating documents. Review tools include tags (issue codes) and annotations. DocReviewPad includes several common issue codes such as Confidential and Privileged. Additionally, you can create an unlimited number of custom issue codes to suit your needs. Annotations can consist of highlighting and drawing. The Flag tool enables you to add a note to a document.

You use Bates numbers, issue codes, flags, etc. to generate reports and production sets. For example, you can omit all documents marked confidential or privileged. Reports generated for opposing counsel such as a list of deposition exhibits can omit your annotations and tags.

What Else Should You Know?

You can export documents to TrialPad with all of your issue codes intact. The app includes a five-minute Quick Tutorial video that you can play anytime. You can also download a free user guide specifically designed for Apple's iBooks app. Learn more about DocReviewPad 1.0.

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