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LexisNexis TextMap App for iPad: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers an iPad app for transcript management and review (see article below), a comparison shopping tool for smartphones, the RSS reader that most closely approximates Google Reader, and a cloud collaboration application with Android and iPhone apps. Don't miss the next issue.


The chief difference between the PC and the iPad is that the former has the edge for text input while the latter offers a superior reading experience. Reviewing and annotating deposition and trial transcripts falls into both realms, which explains why it makes sense to have both desktop software and a companion iPad app.

LexisNexis TextMap App for iPad … in One Sentence

Launched last week, LexisNexis TextMap App for iPad (TextMap for iPad) enables you to manage and annotate transcripts from anywhere, and integrates with TextMap for Windows PCs.

The Killer Feature

Once you have a transcript loaded in TextMap for iPad, you can select testimony using the line numbers and apply one or more issues and/or annotations.

When you finish reviewing a transcript, you email the updates to yourself or someone else on your team for importing into the desktop version of TextMap. This works the same in reverse — you can email transcripts from TextMap on your PC to your iPad. This simple import/export mechanism minimizes the time needed to train your lawyers and staff since everyone knows how to use email.

Other Notable Features

In an industry first, TextMap for iPad doesn't require you to create all the issues you may need for your review in the desktop software. Instead, you can create new issues in the iPad app on the fly. There's no need to worry about being stymied if you're away from your office. Any new issues you create in the app get emailed back and imported into the desktop version of TextMap along with your annotations.

Similarly, if you already performed some work on a transcript in TextMap on your PC, the issues you applied and annotations you wrote will appear in TextMap for iPad, enabling you to seamlessly continue working on a transcript if you have to leave the office before you finish.

TextMap for iPad provides search functionality so that you can find all instances of a key word or phrase, reducing the time required to complete your review. The app also contains all the exhibits from a deposition, which you can view for reference. The app links to the exhibits from the corresponding testimony.

"Our new iPad app enables litigators to work more efficiently by reducing the amount of time and effort to review and manage transcripts," LexisNexis Litigation Tools & Professional Services Senior Director Mike Hahn told us. "Any litigation team member with an iPad and the designated permissions can take their work product mobile by importing multiple transcripts onto their iPads, quickly finding and reviewing specific sections of transcripts, and annotating those transcripts."

What Else Should You Know?

TextMap for iPad is free from the App Store. It requires TextMap 6.2 or later on your Windows PC. Learn more about TextMap for iPad.

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