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Worldox GX3 Cloud: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers a cloud document management service that uses native software (see article below), a fast monochrome laser printer, a document management app for the iPad, and a task manager that works on the web and in dedicated iOS apps. Don't miss the next issue.


We've entered a new era in the legal technology world. Few lawyers debate the necessity of a document management system anymore. Instead, the debate has shifted to which combination of features best fits the needs of law firms in the second decade of the 21st century. The debate has thus far focused on cloud versus local, but a new product suggests that a hybrid approach may best suit the needs of many law firms.

Worldox GX3 Cloud … in One Sentence

Launching today, World Software's Worldox GX3 Cloud is a hybrid cloud document management system.

The Killer Feature

As its name suggests, Worldox GX3 Cloud stores your firm's documents and client-related email in the cloud (secure web servers). But here's the twist — you're not relegated to using a web browser to access and work with your data. Instead, you can use the very same Worldox software you would use if you stored your documents on an onsite server.

According to World Software, Worldox GX3 Cloud works so seamlessly that your colleagues may not realize their documents are stored in the cloud and not locally, thus eliminating a common complaint of cloud applications — the slowness of web browsers (a web browser must download text and images in addition to the data you seek).

Worldox GX3 Cloud adds to its speed advantage by enabling you to edit and work with large PDF documents directly on the web-based server instead of having to download a copy.

"We are proud to be the most widely-used document management system in the legal market," World Software President Ray Zwiefelhofer told us. "While largely known for our small to midsize firm presence, our GX3 enterprise release in 2012 meets the needs of larger law firms. And our new GX3 Cloud release furthers our company goal of offering a completely flexible document management system, so law firms of all sizes can choose the solution that benefits them most."

Other Notable Features

Worldox GX3 Cloud provides the same feature set as an on-premises Worldox system. For example, it forces everyone to store new documents in Worldox GX3 Cloud and create a searchable document profile, and provides check in and check out functionality, full-text searching, document access restrictions, etc.

Worldox GX3 Cloud also includes a full-featured PDF editing suite, obviating the need to purchase PDF software. This suite supports saving documents in PDF/A format, Bates stamping, form creation and completion, redaction, and more. Speaking of third-party software, thanks to 25 years in business, Worldox GX3 Cloud integrates with a large number of products to accommodate your workflow — Outlook, billing software, document comparison products, practice management systems, etc.

Security is always a concern when using cloud applications. World Software uses Rackspace OpenStack, which has earned all the major certifications such as SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402. Your firm's data is literally walled off. It's also backed up and stored across multiple data centers for added redundancy.

What Else Should You Know?

Worldox GX3 Cloud doesn't require a capital investment up front — you need not purchase and maintain a server or pay for a software license. Instead, it costs $55 per user per month. Learn more about Worldox GX3 Cloud.

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