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TechnoFeature: How Small Law Firms Can Rescue the Next Generation of Lawyers by Thinking Outside the Legal Job Box

By Sara Skiff | Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coming today to TechnoFeature: The next generation of lawyers risks becoming a lost generation. With poorer job prospects and more debt than any previous generation, today's law students may not obtain the skills they need in an increasingly complex world that will give rise to challenging and novel legal issues. For most, hanging out a shingle is not an option given the competition from far more experienced downsized lawyers starting their own solo practices (BigSolos). In this TechnoFeature, 2012 Seton Hall JD/MBA candidate Frank Gonnello Jr. explains how small law firms can step up and save his generation — not through traditional associate jobs but through less expensive quasi-legal jobs that law students and recent graduates are uniquely qualified to handle, and that can help these savvy small firms boost their revenue in the process.

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