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Chrometa 1.1: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today's issue of TechnoLawyer NewsWire covers software that automatically captures billable activities (see article below), a new smartphone, a case management and accounting system for large law firms, an online technical support service, an iPhone app for storing passwords and other confidential information. Don't miss the next issue.

Don't Track Your Time, Capture It Instead


In the old days, working on a client's matter involved fetching a folder from a file cabinet. While you might receive a phone call about another matter, multitasking as we know it today didn't really exist. Thanks to the combination of email and computers that can run many programs simultaneously, you fly from task to task on different matters, making it challenging if not impossible to accurately track your billable time using old-fashioned methods. It's time to track your time differently.

Chrometa 1.1 … in One Sentence
Chrometa 1.1 is a billing program that automatically captures and categorizes the billable time you spend on your PC.

The Killer Feature
Although time tracking for many lawyers has long since moved from a ledger to computer software, the method remains the same. Lawyers must actively enter the time they spend on tasks. Timers can help, but they too essentially operate manually.

Chrometa takes a different approach. You just work. And Chrometa watches in the background. It logs all your computer activity and also tracks the time.

For example, if you spend three ten minute sessions working on a Word file named Smith Motion, it'll list the name of that document, display your three sessions and the time for each, and also provide the 30 minute total.

"Our product was built to prevent law firms from leaving revenue on the table by enhancing and even replacing some of the antiquated methods for time tracking," Chrometa founder Brett Owens told us via email.

Other Notable Features
Chrometa logs all computer activity, including time spent on documents, email, and online research. However, Chrometa does not log keystrokes or any other content, thus preserving confidentiality — plus you can block certain applications from being tracked. To create a time entry, you apply a client/matter tag to a captured activity.

Chrometa doesn't just track your computer activity, it also learns from your input. For example, after you tag the time spent on a document or its folder with a client/matter, Chrometa automatically assigns any future work on that document to that client/matter.

Chrometa doesn't just live on your PC. You can export data into Excel, so that administrators such as your assistant or your bookkeeper can access your logs. You can also generate a wide variety of reports for internal purposes as well as audits.

What Else Should You Know?
Chrometa starts at $49 for a single user license. The company also sells team licenses ($229 for 5 users, $439 for 10 users, etc.). The team license includes network tracking. All licenses include email support. Learn more about Chrometa.

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