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AutoPortfolio: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today's issue of TechnoLawyer NewsWire covers an email discovery utility (see article below), document comparison software, two mobile dictation apps, and a mobile expense- and time-tracking app. Don't miss the next issue.

Take a Load Off Your Email Discovery Chores

TL NewsWire CA 04-22-09

When you receive a box of documents from opposing counsel, you know what to do with it. Convert the paper into searchable PDF files, and load them into your litigation support software. But with all the juiciest evidence in email messages nowadays, what happens when opposing counsel sends you a PDF Portfolio containing one or more email accounts, each with hundreds or thousands of email messages?

AutoPortfolio … in One Sentence
EverMap's AutoPortfolio is an Adobe Acrobat plug-in that extracts email data from PDF Portfolios to create "load files" for use in litigation support software.

The Killer Feature
A PDF Portfolio (or Package) is a special PDF file comprised of many individual files. Because Acrobat adds a "Convert to Adobe PDF" function to Outlook, litigators increasingly receive PDF Portfolios that contain one or more Outlook mailboxes or archives when they issue document requests.

If you try to import a PDF Portfolio into your litigation support software, you'll quickly find that you cannot do so. Up until a few weeks ago, manual conversion of each email message was your only option.

Enter AutoPortfolio, which transforms one or more email archives within a PDF Portfolio into a single flat PDF that contains all the email messages and their attachments. From this file, you can use AutoPortfolio to create corresponding load files for CaseMap, Concordance, and CT Summation among other products.

Other Notable Features
You access AutoPortfolio from Acrobat's Plug-Ins menu. The interface consists of a single dialog box. In addition to processing PDF Portfolios, it can also process regular PDF files with embedded email and attachments.

AutoPortfolio organizes the email you extract using metadata such as date, time, subject, from, to, priority, folder, message size, etc., making it easy to sort and select which messages to include in a load file. It also de-duplicates email messages to reduce your review burden.

If AutoPortfolio cannot convert an email attachment into PDF format, it will generate a report identifying these documents (e.g., .exe and .zip files).

The PDF files AutoPortfolio creates contain bookmarks to every email message and their attachments. Thus, you can use AutoPortfolio even if you don't use litigation support software, especially for a small number of email messages.

What Else Should You Know?
AutoPortfolio runs on Windows and costs $199 for a single user license with volume discounts available for 5 ($140 per license), 10 ($110), and unlimited users ($1,499). You can download a free trial. Learn more about AutoPortfolio.

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