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ABA TECHSHOW 2008: Crazy Mazy's Best of Show: Electronic Discovery

By Mazyar Hedayat | Monday, March 24, 2008

It's a Tie: Clustify and Kroll Ontrack

It's hard to pick one Best of Show in a category like electronic discovery in which the vendors outnumber the attendees. Okay maybe that's a slight exaggeration but the number of electronic discovery vendors significantly outnumbered vendors in any other category. Among the many contenders, I tip my virtual hat to a pair of companies that represent opposite (but equally important) extremes in this space.

Hot Neuron announced the release of Clustify, which uses both concept and literal search paradigms to eliminate "near duplicates" (a hot topic nowadays) and extract meaning from reams of eDiscovery information. The resulting output is displayed in "clusters" of related documents. Pricing is flexible as well.

Clustify exemplifies the trend towards keeping applications light and simple. Hence it runs on anything from a laptop to a server without sacrificing its raison d'etre — finding and sorting information.

Kroll Ontrack has gotten eDiscovery right as well. But if Clustify demonstrates what a lightweight, focused application can do, Kroll shows us that keeping a hand in multiple areas does not doom a company's products to mediocrity.

Born out of the insurance industry, Kroll has become a major player in the eDiscovey space by combining homegrown technology with strategic acquisitions. Its lineup includes software, search, and consulting.

Honorable Mention: Discover-e's Endeavour. Look for detailed coverage of these and other eDiscovery products in TechnoLawyer NewsWire.

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