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ABA TECHSHOW 2008: Crazy Mazy's Best of Show: Legal Bar by BEC Legal Systems

By Mazyar Hedayat | Monday, March 24, 2008

Microsoft Office Extenders (Cheapskate's Delight)


Who says my Best of Show picks need to be edgy and sexy? Consider Legal Bar, an add-on for Microsoft Word and Outlook from BEC Legal Systems.

Legal Bar occupies a thimble of space on your hard drive, but does something every lawyer can appreciate — it puts a law-centric faceplate on two of the most ubiquitous programs in the office.

But rather than wasting space here talking about all the features you can read about at the company's Web site, let me just point out that while watching a demo I must have thought to myself "I should have thought of that" or "I've wanted to do that for years" about a dozen times. And since Legal Bar costs about $160, I'm out of reasons not to incorporate it into my practice.

Overall, Legal Bar represents a clever concept executed well and priced right. It's win-win. Legal Bar works with Office 2003 and Office 2007.

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