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Christmas and Holiday Gift ideas for Lawyers (and Librarians)

By Neil J. Squillante | Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The holiday shopping season has officially begun! I can't wait to worm my way through the crowds at the mall or better yet on Fifth Avenue. Yippee!

On second thought, I think I'll once again do all my Christmas shopping online. Below I've compiled some online shopping ideas for the lawyers in your life. Please reply to share your own tips.

The Billable Hour: This online store sells "clever gifts and greeting cards for legal professionals."

Carbolic Smoke Ball: This online store features kitschy merchandise with a legal theme. If you have any accountants, dentists, doctors, and/or politicians on your list, you'll find gifts for them as well.

LawGallery: In this online store, you'll find fine art depicting courtroom and other legal-oriented subjects. (LawGallery is featured on pages 273-274 of TechnoLawyer Problem/Solution Guide.)

Law School in a Box: Though too late for you, this $15 item could save your kids from the financial burdens of law school.

Lawyer Cookie Arrangement: A cute collection of cookies shaped like books, briefcases, and gavels (see above photo).

2007 Holiday Gift Guide for Lawyers: BlawgWorld blogger Reid Trautz has published his third consecutive list of gift ideas for lawyers. Among his suggestions, you'll find Office Pillows, SoundView Executive Book Summaries, and my favorite, the Dough-Nu-Matic.

Holiday Gift Guide for Librarians: Let's not forget your favorite law librarian. In this guide, BlawgWorld blogger Bonnie Shucha unearths some great finds, including librarian action figures and Secret Storage Books.

A tip of the blog to Legal Underground for inspiring this article.

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