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Enterprise Vault 7.0: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Sara Skiff | Wednesday, February 14, 2007

In today's issue of TechnoLawyer NewsWire, lawyer and legal technology legend Dennis Kennedy covers an FRCP-ready email archiving tool, a personalized news site that learns what you like, and a free suite of online services, including email at your own domain name. Don't miss the next issue.

Below you'll find one of the three articles from today's edition:

Vault into Email Bliss
By Dennis Kennedy
Email is essential, but the way we now use it serves as a textbook example of the law of unintended consequences. Its growing volume has produced a number of pain points. For example, how do you manage all your messages? How do you archive and search old messages? How do you handle bulging PST files? Do you find yourself deleting messages and attachments because you've reached the storage quota for your inbox? And what about email in discovery?

Symantec's Enterprise Vault 7.0 aims to solve these problems by providing and archiving tool for managing organizational data, including email, instant messages, and other content. Enterprise Vault's intelligent classification engines help you bring order to the growing chaos with a suite of helpful tools. As a result, you gain better control of data in a simpler manner with reduced storage costs.

Enterprise Vault offers a variety of useful tools. Automated management tools help you avoid annoying mailbox storage and size limitations. You can better manage PST files, expedite backups, and improve disaster recovery with centralized email management, and improve your ability to archive data. Archiving features enable you to store and retrieve email and other data in ways that meet your compliance and electronic discovery requirements. Archiving files may reduce your local storage requirements by 50 to 75%.

These tools automate the archiving of data in a number of useful ways, including content-based archiving. You might use the fifty predefined rules, pop-up menus to require users to select among pre-defined categories, or work in connection with your content or document management system. As a result, you can manage data based on your unique retention, deletion and compliance policies based on content, not just by senders and receivers. As you would expect, administrators have a lot of granular control over application of policies to individual users.

Enterprise Vault 7.0, the newest version, also offers a module for electronic discovery needs called the Discovery Accelerator, designed to help you with the new amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. The Discovery Accelerator has three components to help you with predisclosure meetings, legal holds, and native file presentation. Users of Symantec's Information Foundation 2007 will appreciate the integration of Enterprise Vault with this security tool to help manage enterprise information policies.

Enterprise Vault 7.0 integrates with Microsoft's latest applications, including Exchange Server 2007 and Windows Rights Management Services, and enable you to search encrypted email and view email natively without using Exchange. Enterprise Vault also handles data from a wide range of content management and other commonly-used document management systems.

Enterprise Vault starts at about $40 per user license per year for 25 users. Learn more about Enterprise Vault 7.0.

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