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Technolawyer @ Awards Status Report -- Raw Vote Count as of May 10, 2006

By Sara Skiff | Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Below you'll find the raw vote status report as of May 10th. Like what you see? Don't like what you see? You have plenty of time to help your favorite blogs, products, services, and companies emerge victorious from these close races. When you vote, you'll receive free of charge the TechnoLawyer E-Discovery Cheat Sheet written by e-discovery expert Dennis Kennedy. Please vote today and get your own copy. Voting ends on May 19th.

1. Favorite TechnoLawyer Contributor of 2005
Greg Krehel edges into first place with a one vote lead over Ross Kodner. Seth Rowland and Rick Borstein are tied for third. Nine more days of voting could once again tip the scales.

2. Legal Technology Consultant Of The Year
Mark Spengler resides in first with no one else in sight, but his lead is not insurmountable. Instead, there seems to be much confusion about this @ Award. Only independent consultants who have not previously won this @ Award are eligible. An independent consultant is someone who works at a consulting firm that helps law firms with an array of products from various vendors.

3. Favorite Legal Web Site
This @ Award heats up with LexisNexis sneaking past FindLaw for first place. and LexisONE are tied for second. This race is far too close to call.

4. Favorite Legal Blog (Blawg)
1234Tips makes its @ Awards debut with a bang, taking first place. Patently-O finds itself tied with ScotusBlog for second. Legal Underground and AlextronicDiscovery are just one vote behind in third and fourth place respectively. Your vote will likely change the outcome of this category!

5. Favorite Accounting Solution
Look out! PCLaw catches up with QuickBooks for a first place tie. Tabs3 leaps into second, pushing Billing Matters into third place. A close race to the bitter end seems assured.

6. Favorite Case/Practice Management Solution
Time Matters retains its first place lead over Amicus Attorney. PracticeMaster leaps out from the pack and lands in third. There's still nine days left to settle the score for this @ Awards category.

7. Favorite Document Assembly/Automation Solution
HotDocs/HotDocs Pro holds onto first place, but PracticeMaster posts a strong second place debut. Adobe Acrobat and GhostFill are tied for third.

8. Favorite Document Management Solution
The tables have turned! Time Matters leapfrogs over WORLDOX for first place. PracticeMaster slides into third pushing Interwoven Worksite and Hummingbird DM into a tie for fourth. Your vote can make all the difference in this @ Awards category.

9. Favorite Document Security Solution
Still a close race with Adobe Acrobat moving ahead of Metadata Assistant for first place. Workshare Protect has settled into third. Who will win this new @ Awards category? Only time will tell.

10. Favorite Electronic Discovery Solution
Applied Discovery rises to first place with CaseVault close behind in second and Concordance in third.

11. Favorite Legal Forms Solution
LexisNexis Automated Judicial Counsel Forms makes a splash in first place. West Legal Solutions Plus takes second place, forcing ProDoc into third. Anything can happen in this category with 9 days of voting left.

12. Favorite Legal Knowledge Management Solution
CaseMap plants its feet in first with West KM in second, and newcomer CaseWorth one vote behind in third. We might need a camera for this race!

13. Favorite Legal Research Tool
Wow! LexisNexis has tied WestLaw for first place, while QuickLaw edges past Loislaw for second. Your vote will make a difference for this @ Award.

14. Favorite Legal-Specific Tech Support
CaseSoft holds onto its first place lead. But Time Matters is still a force to be reckoned with in second. inData Corp. debuts in third place, two votes ahead of Software Technology. Karnac says: too close to call yet again.

15. Favorite Litigation ASP
A tight race with CaseVault in first place, LexisNexis Total Litigator in second, and third place anyone's for the taking.

16. Favorite Litigation Support Solution
CaseMap holds onto first over second place Summation Blaze/iBlaze. Visionary edges out iCONECT for third place.

17. Favorite Online CLE Provider
Another close race! LegalSpan inches into first place, forcing West LegalEdcenter into second. LexisNexis Mealeys moves into third, one vote ahead of Fios. If you've got an opinion about your favorite CLE Provider, let us know by voting!

18. Favorite Practice Area Solution
CaseMap reigns supreme in first place. BestCase Bankruptcy, Collier TopForm Bankruptcy, FinPlan, ProDoc, and Summation Blaze/iBlaze are in an unprecedented five way tie for second place! Your vote could break the tie.

19. Favorite Time-Billing Solution
Billing Matters jumps into first place. Tabs3 bounces into second, forcing Timeslips into a one vote lead over fourth place PCLaw/PCLaw Pro. Nine days of voting could move this @ Awards category in any direction.

20. Favorite Transcript Management Solution
TextMap remains in first. Summation Blaze/iBlaze catches up with LiveNote for a second place tie. RealLegal E-Transcript continues to occupy third.

21. Favorite Trial Presentation Solution
TrialDirector takes the director's seat with TimeMap falling back into second place, leaving Sanction to settle for third — for now.

22. Favorite New Legal Product of 2005
TimeMap 4 continues its lead, but a strong show of support for TimeCoder Pro has catapulted it into second place. LexisNexis Total Litigator is tied with Tabs3 for third place.

23. Favorite Technoreleases of 2005
CaseSoft remains on top. Software Technology moves into second place with LexisNexis in third. Which Technoreleases did you enjoy in 2005? Vote today and let us know.Stay tuned for the next status report on May 10th.

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