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Technolawyer @ Awards Status Report -- Raw Vote Count as of May 31, 2005

By Sara Skiff | Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Technolawyer @ Awards Status Report — Raw Vote Count as of May 31, 2005
By Jennifer B. Katz
With 15 days of voting behind us and 11 days remaining, it's time for a status report. As you can see, many close races and ties exist.

1. Favorite TechnoLawyer Contributor
T. Jason Smith has taken an early lead, but he isn't too far ahead of Anthony Vlahos, Jeff Lisson, Ross Kodner, and Wells Anderson, all tied in second place. Third place is up for grabs, but anything can happen in this category with 11 days left to vote. If you learned something valuable from a TechnoLawyer Newsletter or Post in 2004, please express your thanks by voting in this category.

2. Favorite Legal Technology Consultant
Donna Payne currently holds the lead with John Heckman and David Moon close behind. Remember, this lifetime achievement award can only be won once. Previous winners — Ross L. Kodner, Wells H. Anderson, Thomas L. Rowe, Seth G. Rowland, Carol L. Schlein, and Larry Bodine — are not eligible (though we're sure they're flattered by your continued support).

3. Favorite Legal Web Site
A tight race with tied with Tabs3 for first, and LexisNexis only one vote behind in second. FindLaw, LexisONE, and Westlaw are duking it out in nearby third.

4. Favorite Practice Management Blog
DennisKennedy.Blog has an early lead, slightly ahead of Jim Calloway's Law Practice Tips Blog, LawTech Guru, and Legal Marketing by Andy Havens — all tied for second.'s Blog Watch and The Virtual Chase are tied for third. Your vote can really make a difference in this debut category.

5. Favorite Practice Area Blog
Believe it or not, no one has voted in this new category. Could it be that no one reads practice area blogs? With 11 days left, we hope that at least a few votes will surface for this @ Award.

6. Favorite Accounting Solution
QuickBooks has edged out Billing Matters for first place. PCLaw/PCLawPro and Tabs3 are right behind them in third. Elite and ProLaw occupy fourth. This category is still way too close to call.

7. Favorite Case/Practice Management Solution
Time Matters is in first place, slightly ahead of PracticeMaster in second. Amicus Attorney and CaseManger Pro are not far behind in third. Vote now in this hotly contested category!

8. Favorite Document Assembly/Automation Solution
HotDocs/HotDocs Pro has taken its annual first place lead. PracticeMaster has settled into second, with GhostFill in third. Make a difference in this category and send in your vote!

9. Favorite Document Management Solution
A very exciting race — Time Matters and WORLDOX are tied for first! PracticeMaster holds a respectable second place. Your vote could break this tie!

10. Favorite Electronic Discovery Solution
Concordance holds the lead with Applied Discovery in second. Kroll Ontrack Electronic Data Viewer is tied with Summation Blaze/iBlaze for third place. This @ Award is still up for grabs.

11. Favorite Legal Forms Solution
LexisNexis Automated Forms is just one vote ahead of Westlaw. US Court Forms and Forms Assistant are close behind in a third place tie.

12. Favorite Legal Knowledge Management Solution
CaseMap has leapt into first place beating out Time Matters and West km, both tied for second. PracticeMaster isn't far behind in third. A lot can change in this category in 11 days.

13. Favorite Legal Research Tool
Westlaw has inched past LexisNexis for first place. Third place is anybody's for the taking.

14. Favorite Legal-Specific Tech Support
CaseSoft has jetted into a high altitude first place lead. Time Matters is one vote ahead of Software Technology for second place. Whose tech support impresses you the most? Let us know by casting your vote in this popular category.

15. Favorite Litigation Asp
CaseManagerPro resides in first, two votes ahead of CaseVault and Summation Blaze/iBlaze, tied for second.

16. Favorite Litigation Support Solution
CaseMap leads the field over Concordance in second place and TrialDirector in third. It's always a race to the finish for this hard-fought @ Award — your vote could make all the difference.

17. Favorite Online CLE Provider
LegalSpan sits comfortably in first place, with West LegalEdcenter taking second, and settling into third. Anything can happen with 11 days of voting left.

18. Favorite Practice Area Solution
CaseMap sits comfortably in first, with Display Soft Real Estate Closing Software in second, and CPA Direct in third.

19. Favorite Print Legal Technology Publication
A big surprise here — Law Technology News resides in first place with perennial winner Law Office Computing nearby in second. LJN's LegalTech newsletter is in third place. It's too close to call this @ Award yet.

20. Favorite Time-Billing Solution
Tabs3 has pounced into first with Billing Matters in second, Timeslips in third, and PCLaw/PCLawPro in fourth. You've got 11 days to get out the vote in this category!

21. Favorite Transcript Management Solution
TextMap is beating out newcomer DepositionDirector so far. Summation Blaze/iBlaze has slipped past RealLegal Binder/iBinder for third. This @ Award is still up for grabs.

22. Favorite Trial Presentation Solution
TimeMap leads TrialDirector by only three votes with Sanction in third place. As you can see, your vote really does count!

23. Favorite New Legal Product for 2004
A neck and neck race with TimelineXpress tied for first with CaseMap, while Dataflight's FYI Internet Server occupies third.

24. Favorite TechnoReleases
CaseSoft reigns in this final category. Will second place Software Technology or third place Time Matters be able to catch up? Vote today, and stay tuned for the next status report on June 6th.

Voting began May 16, 2005 and ends on Friday, June 10, 2005 at midnight eastern time.

If you're not yet a TechnoLawyer member, don't worry. You have until June 10th at midnight eastern time to join TechnoLawyer and cast your votes.

To join TechnoLawyer and obtain an official ballot, or to simply learn more about the TechnoLawyer @ Awards and review last year's winners and finalists, please visit our 2005 TechnoLawyer @ Awards Web page.

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