Ediscovery and Investigation Software With a "Batteries Included" Philosophy
December 12, 2019
Today's TechnoLawyer Buyer's Guide report covers the new self-service cloud version of a robust ediscovery and investigations platform that makes advanced features such as a multilingual interface and artificial intelligence available to any size law firm.
Ediscovery and Investigation Software With a "Batteries Included" Philosophy for DIY Litigators
One benefit of cloud-based software that doesn't get as much attention as being able to use it anywhere is that you can select products based purely on features without other considerations such as hardware requirements. This is especially important for ediscovery software as some products have features that don't exist anywhere else.
Reveal v8.0 in One Sentence
Launched last week, Reveal v8.0 is ediscovery and investigation software with more than 210 new features, many of which reflect the company's "batteries included" philosophy.
The Killer Feature
Reveal originally served power users such as ediscovery service providers when it launched in 2011. This explains its robust feature set and global footprint with 19 datacenters and a team of consultants to assist with projects.
Version 8.0 makes all this power available on a self-service basis to law firms of any size. Reveal has a redesigned interface and "thoughtful defaults" as Reveal CEO Wendell Jisa puts it. For example, "Responsive," "Privileged," and other common document tags already exist. This results in less time setting up a new case.
You'll also spend less time getting documents ready for review thanks to the fastest ediscovery processing technology in the industry according to Jisa, and a new architecture that automatically scales for large jobs.
"Reveal's new advances allow lawyers to complete ediscovery more quickly and efficiently, gaining access and control over their data within hours, not days," says Jisa. "Ediscovery is a global endeavor, as businesses of all sizes expand across borders. Lawyers who represent these businesses find complications they would not normally face in U.S.-bound discovery, such as building infrastructures, scaling quickly, navigating strict data regulations, and controlling the high costs of conducting ediscovery overseas."
Reveal v.8.0 makes advanced ediscovery tools widely accessible via a self-service cloud model and redesigned interface.
Other Notable Features
Reveal automates much of the work involved in culling ingested documents as you can auto-name folders after custodians or keywords. The search engine accommodates the same Boolean and natural language searches as popular legal research platforms. To cull large document sets, you can use Reveal's artificial intelligence.
Reveal's Outlook-like design features sortable columns such as custodian, responsiveness, number of pages, document type, etc. You can control access to documents, and auto-balance the workload when assigning documents to reviewers.
In keeping with Reveal's theme of efficiency, reviewers will find tools such as bulk tagging and redactions, automatic grouping of duplicates, and automatic threading of related documents. As Jisa alluded, in a global economy ediscovery documents often exist in different languages. Reveal not only supports most languages in terms of ediscovery data, but you can even change the language of its user interface on a per user basis so that all your document reviewers can use the software in their native tongue.
Reveal supports creating production sets in all the usual formats such as PDF, TIFF, and native files, including an OCR layer. Granular controls enable you to comply with whatever requirements a judge imposes.
What Else Should You Know?
Previous versions of Reveal required the use of a separate Windows app for administration but now these tools for creating users, setting up a new case, etc. reside in the cloud environment. The new Storage Abstraction Layer, an industry first, enables you to move cases between the cloud version and the on-premises version such as when a law firm uses the former and a client the latter.
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