Law360 Pulse Delivers News and Insights on the Business of Law Plus More Hot Products
February 11, 2021
Today's TechnoLawyer Buyer's Guide report covers a new website from LexisNexis that provides breaking news and data-driven insights about the legal profession, including your state, courts and litigation, large and regional law firms, and corporate legal departments.
Law360 Pulse Delivers Breaking News and Data-Driven Insights on the Business of Law
There's a lot of conjecture about the future of law practice but isolated opinions, while interesting, have little value. What's really happening? What are law firm leaders doing? What is the financial impact of COVID-19 across the legal industry? A new publication seeks to provide answers to these and other important questions via data journalism, which combines data analysts who know how to conduct surveys with experienced reporters who convey this information in an accessible manner.
Law360 Pulse in One Sentence
The aptly named Law360 Pulse is a new website from LexisNexis that provides breaking news and data-driven insights about the legal profession, including your state, courts and litigation, large and regional law firms, and corporate legal departments.
The Killer Feature
The Insights section of Law360 Pulse features a growing number of surveys on topics such as partner compensation, law firm technology use, and diversity recruiting. This section also features rankings, including the Law360 400, which ranks the largest law firms by headcount.
The recently published COVID-19 Real Estate Use Survey perfectly captures what Law360 Pulse is trying to achieve with Insights by answering the question every law firm leader has pondered for months — what should we do with our office space in a post-Covid world?
Among its actionable data, this survey found that 46% of participating law firms expect their employees to continue working remotely beyond 2021, and 52% plan to reduce or eliminate common space in their offices. More than half will likely decrease square footage for staff and other non-lawyer employees, though associate and partner offices would largely be spared.
"Law360 Pulse tracks the issues, trends, and challenges that shape today's leading firms and legal departments, with in-depth coverage on important topics that can give organizations a competitive edge, such as new technologies, diversity and inclusion programs, alternate fee options, and more," says Rachel Travers, Vice President & General Manager of Law360. "Our exclusive Insights section will provide readers with critical intelligence that can inform business decisions."
The Insights section of Law360 Pulse offers actionable research on hot topics and trends in the legal industry.
Other Notable Features
Law360 Pulse is published by Law360, the leading legal news website in the U.S. famous for its email newsletters and custom email alerts. Law360 primarily focuses on practice areas and related industries, covering 61 different niches as of today. Over the years, Law360 also published material related to the business of law, including the La360 400 and expert analysis from prominent law firm leaders. This material was among the most popular so Travers and her team decided to double down. Law360 Pulse covers a growing number of practice areas and regions, and already has more than 40 data analysts and reporters (Law360 as a whole employs more than 260 journalists).
Law360 Pulse mirrors many of the features of Law360. First and foremost, Law360 Pulse can email you customizable breaking news alerts for topics important to you and your firm. Alert options include news related to a judge, lawsuit, company, lawyer, or law firm. Given its LexisNexis heritage, Law360 Pulse also offers advanced searching of the site.
In addition to the alerts, you can choose from nine state-specific newsletters (California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas) and five topic-specific newsletters (Modern Lawyer, Courts, Daily Litigation, In-House, and Mid-Law). Law360 Pulse also provides corresponding RSS feeds. State coverage will expand in the future.
What Else Should You Know?
Like Law360, Law360 Pulse requires a paid subscription that varies by firm size. You can try it for free for a week.
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