Fact Analysis, Transcript Management, and Timelines in One Cloud Product
November 4, 2021
CaseMap Cloud from LexisNexis, the successor to CaseMap, includes fact analysis, deposition transcript management, and automated timeline creation in one product that runs in your web browser.
Fact Analysis, Transcript Management, and Timelines Together at Last in One Cloud Product
Cloud software has taken over the world because there's nothing to install, you can use these products anywhere, and colleagues can easily collaborate. For the most part, legacy products have not made the jump to the cloud, allowing new products to emerge. But one important exception exists — the leading case analysis software has been rebuilt from the ground up as a genuine cloud product with a new all-in-one approach.
The Killer Feature
What is now CaseMap Cloud originally consisted of three separate products — CaseMap for fact analysis, TextMap for transcript management, and TimeMap for timelines. These three products really all belong in one product as a collection of features that work together without the need for integrations — and now that's the case. The legendary brand names remain in the navigation panel as a nod to their storied history.
The Dashboard makes the benefit of this all-in-one approach abundantly clear, tying together all your case information on one page. The top of the Dashboard lists statistics, including the number of discovery documents, transcripts, issues, facts, people, and organizations. You can drill down to explore new material added by team members or enter a search.
CaseMap Cloud's magic consists of providing insights into your cases that might not occur if you stick everything into a folder. For example, the Heatmap on the Dashboard lets you know if the case is trending in favor of your client or the opposing party based on how you score each fact you enter. You can also see which legal issues have the most prominence. CaseMap Cloud works best when you capture everything so the dashboard features a built-in task list, alerting you to items requiring attention such as unsubstantiated facts and legal issues.
"CaseMap Cloud is a significant step forward for litigators, allowing trial teams to broadly collaborate in a secure, cloud-based solution," says LexisNexis Chief Product Officer Jeff Pfeifer. "Continued hybrid working models by law firms demand the flexible data access and fully integrated product experience of CaseMap Cloud. Along with even deeper integration of data from Lexis and Lexis+, litigators have a complete repository of critical case information that ensures thorough litigation preparation."
The CaseMap Cloud Dashboard gives you a snapshot of the facts and legal issues in your case, including recent activity, items that require attention, and even which way the case leans to inform your strategy.
Other Notable Features
The core of CaseMap Cloud consists of two spreadsheet-like tables, one for Facts and one for Issues. These tables come into being automatically as you create facts and issues. The sortable Facts table shows you the date, a description, the number of comments, whether the fact is a key fact, and the corresponding issues, people, organizations, documents, and tags. The Issues table lists the number of facts for each issue, including a disputed versus undisputed breakdown. It also lets you know which issues have supporting legal research.
Tags add a third dimension to this data for reporting purposes. For example, by creating a tag for an upcoming deposition, you can instantly find all the associated facts, issues, and documents, and research, and create a report in Excel or PDF format to use as an outline. Reports include Privilege Log, Summary Judgment, Cast of Characters, Fact Chronology, Document Index, and many more.
You'll find these flourishes of time-saving automation throughout CaseMap Cloud. Enter a case from Lexis or Lexis+ and the Shepard's signal displays. Select deposition testimony to create a fact, assign an issue, and mark it as a designation. Create a timeline by selecting facts already in CaseMap Cloud.
What Else Should You Know?
The TextMap transcript management component of CaseMap Cloud supports synced video depositions. The TimeMap timeline component offers horizontal or vertical timeline layouts, side-by-side timelines for comparisons, and settings to control the size of the timeline such as stacking facts in close proximity.
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