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December 2, 2020
Today's TechnoLawyer Buyer's Guide report covers an automation platform that integrates with existing "in-place" software and data to automate complex processes and document the productivity gains with analytics.
Automate Every Process in Your Firm Without Having to Buy More Products
Every industry aspires to achieve a seemingly unattainable goal that if attained would change the game and bring unprecedented success. Automation is the holy grail of the legal industry. Not just document automation but soup-to-nuts automation of all law firm processes and workflows. A software platform long used in other industries now offers the promise of such automation in the legal industry.
Autologyx in One Sentence
Autologyx is an automation platform that integrates with existing "in-place" software and data to automate complex processes and document the productivity gains with analytics.
The Killer Feature
Autologyx realized that law firms and legal departments address problems by purchasing software — an "endless hedonic treadmill." The more software, the higher the monthly subscription costs climb, the more cluttered the technology stack, and the more untenable it becomes for these products to work in harmony.
Autologyx flips the script by creating new "applications" that leverage the software and data sources you already have. Any process that involves a lawyer or support staff is a candidate for automation. You work with Autologyx to build a "data model" of each process to identify which tasks require a person and which tasks can be handled by automation. Then you use Autologyx to build the process such as the one depicted in the image below.
Autologyx connects to any software or data source required for a process such as your accounting system, document management system (DMS), document assembly tools, practice management system, etc. For these integrations, Autologyx uses each product's API if available or its own WebCheck technology in the absence of an API.
Importantly, Autologyx is a no-code platform, which means you can easily change a process. Like a custom application, it does exactly what you want but doesn't lock you into a specific set of constraints forever.
"For an enterprise grade platform, Autologyx has very impressive malleability," says Babar Hayat, Head of Product, Technology Innovation & Transformation at Konexo, a division of international law firm Eversheds Sutherland. "Because it allows for multiple use cases from common data models and processes, Konexo is able to offer multiple solutions for different challenges, all from the same platform."
The drag and drop sequencer in Autologyx offers a no-code environment for building a data model, automated workflow, and connections to data and in-place software.
Other Notable Features
In practical terms, what can Autologyx do for you? One popular application consists of automating your document drafting workflow by connecting your email, document assembly software, DMS, practice management system, and electronic signature software. With this process in place, Autologyx makes it possible to delegate tasks, auto-populate documents with client information, send drafts to clients or opposing counsel, automatically file all versions in your DMS, obtain signatures on the final version, and post billing entries.
Here's a real-life example of an even more complex process. The legal department of a national phone carrier handles more than 40,000 cell tower lease renewals per year. Trading email attachments offered no visibility and wasted too much time. Autologyx and the legal department built a process solution that uses smart self-service forms for negotiators, automates the allocation of work based on key risks and matter types captured from these forms, and provides real time monitoring for impending at-risk Service Level Agreements. This process leverages machine learning and document automation, and integrates with the department's existing technology and data sources. The result is improved resource allocation and real-time visibility.
What Else Should You Know?
Autologyx works with popular business intelligence products such as Power BI, Domo, Tableau, etc. to create custom dashboards showing your key performance indicators (KPIs). These KPIs enable you to monitor each process and identify opportunities for improvement, including true performance measures for individual members of your team.
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