New Checklist: 10 Critical Business Continuity Essentials for Your Firm — Plus More to Explore
April 6, 2020
10 Critical Business Continuity Essentials for Your Firm
Pandemics routinely occur but they're not equal. The COVID-19 pandemic is the once or twice a century kind that upends daily life. The legal profession as a whole is quite resilient — antifragile in the parlance of disaster experts. However, the COVID-19 crisis poses a threat to each individual law firm. One critical component of survival is your firm's ability to pivot to a virtual workforce for an indefinite period of time. This new one-page checklist cuts to the chase with 10 survival tactics that will get your firm ready for any crisis, viral or otherwise.
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This New Checklist Will Help Your Firm Go Virtual if Necessary During the COVID-19 Crisis
You're a TechnoLawyer member so it's likely your home is well equipped. You upgrade your broadband speed every few years. You have a mesh WiFi system. You cabled your house with Gigabit Ethernet when you built it. You pay extra for a mobile hotspot as a backup source of connectivity. You always use a VPN when you access client data from home. Etc.
Now run through this exercise with the rest of the folks who work at your firm. What's the status of their home network? Most homes aren't equipped with the kind of redundancy and security that exists in offices.
This important yet often unexplored component of working from home is point 4 in the new checklist — 10 Critical Business Continuity Essentials for Your Firm.
AbacusNext, which pioneered business continuity with Abacus Private Cloud, put this checklist together after several similar conversations with law firms concerned about the current crisis.
The checklist is free for everyone in the legal profession. It will help your firm:
  • Secure the necessary resources to work remotely.
  • Attend to critical client needs during the crisis.
  • Resume normal operations when the crisis ends.
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