How to Right-Size Your Rates and Get Paid What You Deserve — Plus 9 Time Management Tips and More to Explore
December 20, 2022
Set Your 2023 Rates With No Regrets Using This Proven Formula - Watch Webinar
Demystifying the Billable Hour: How to Right-Size Your Rates
Many lawyers increase their rates in January to account for inflation. However, you should also take this opportunity make sure your rates reflect your value. This unique recorded webinar walks you through a proven formula with several key inputs that ensures you get paid what you deserve. Watch the Recording
Make More Efficient Use of Your Time With These 9 Tips - Read Now
Nine Essential Time Management Tips for Busy Lawyers
If you often reach the end of your workday before you reach the end of your to-do list, this new guide will help reverse this trend. Each of the nine tips explains the finer points of implementation, including applicable software tools. The Guide is Free So Download It Now
Remove All Guesswork — Find the Sweet Spot for Your Rates
Can your clients contact you after hours? How many years have you practiced? How many lawyers create work product like yours? What do you want to earn? You probably know the answers to these questions but have you used these answers to calculate your rates and fees? Just in time for 2023 is a free must-watch webinar for all lawyers and law firm financial managers — Demystifying the Billable Hour: How to Right-Size Your Rates. Learn how to use the above inputs and others to help you make key decisions about rates, practice focus, and strategy in 2023.
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